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Das Keyboard Q

The information you need - on your keyboard

Das Keyboard Q Software turns an RGB keyboard into a smart keyboard whose keys change colors based on information trends such as weather, stock quotes, project statuses (e.g. Trello, Basecamp, etc.). Customize your keyboard to meet your needs and stay informed on what is important to you.

Das Keyboard 5Q Side View

Configure RGB notifications with drag and drop applets

Das Keyboard Q message preview

Das Keyboard Q message preview

Customize your keyboard to your needs

Q marketplace

Q applets to maximize productivity

Everything from your GitHub repository status, to project management notifications from Asana or Trello to priority emails from your boss or your Mom. It will tell you if your website goes down or if an answer to your question is posted on Stack Overflow.

Cross platform software




Software API for developers

Das Keyboard Q series lineup

Das Keyboard 5QS

The second generation of the 5Q keyboard, the only smart RGB mechanical keyboard with built-in RGB profiles and macros. Fastest mechanical switches with 100M lifecycle and ultra-bright RGB lighting.

Das Keyboard X50Q

A smart keyboard for professionals who also like gaming and winning. Fastest Gamma Zulu switches, gaming look and palm rest.

Das Keyboard 4Q

The smart Das Keyboard with Cherry MX RGB switches. Iconic design, aluminum top panel, built-in USB hub.